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January 16, 2008
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.,,L, [.=-[J~UIIrJl!llllll~ jWm'' ,,.v~r,,~-ml,.mw I I 0A THE JENA TIMES OIla-Tullos-Urania Signal WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2008 .000 m; The LaSalle Parish Sher- iffs Department, working with other state and local agencies, continues to arrest individuals for illegal narcot- ics possession and distribu- tion. On Monday of this week, officers from the sheriff's de- partment and Louisiana State Police arrested Lisa Poole Hay, 33, of Jena, on warrants from investigations that occurred in late Decem- ber. Hay was booked into the LaSalle Parish Jail on two counts of possession with intent to distribute CDS II (methamphetamine), one charge from the sheriff's de- partment and another charge from the state police. Both counts originate from narcotics operations that occurred on December 19 and 20, 2007. In one of those events, an undercover narcotics opera- tion with officers from the sheriffs office, state police, and Concordia Parish Sher- iffs Office, allegedly captured Hay selling suspected meth- amphetamine in its "ice" form. The other event involved a traffic stop, where Hay al- legedly threw some 1.5 ounces of suspected ice from her vehicle as she was being stopped by deputies. State police officers said the weight of the suspected methamphetamine had a street value of nearly $50,000 "Again, I can't stress enough how thankful I am that we're all working to- gether," LaSalle Parish Sher- iff-elect and CEO Scott Franklin said of the inter- agency cooperation. '*With all of the police agencies work- ing in harmony and with the public's continued help in giving us vital information, Not The Same... Marcus C. Lee, of Jena, age 28, is not the same Marcus Lee, age 20, arrest- ed and charged in connec- tion with the arson fire at Jena High School. we're making a huge impact on the illegal drug system in our parish." Franklin noted that there is still much work to do but he is confident that the mes- sage of his anti-drug en- forcement program is getting out. "There is no doubt that the drug dealers know we mean business," he said. "My message still remains the same: quite selling or using, move to another par- ish, or go to jail. The decent people of our parish are tired of the illegal drug use and we're going to do everything in our means to stop it." Traffic stop leads to drug arrests On December 29, 2007, a LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Dep- uty stopped a 1993 Toyota Camry on the White Sulphur Springs Road around 10 p.m. for a taillight violation. While talking with the driver, Ashley Bradford, 23, of Jena, the deputy observed someone hiding in the back seat of the vehicle. The dep- uty said that Bradford de- nied any knowledge of any- one in her vehicle and when , the subject was revealed, the officer recognized him as Wil- liam Dale Keene, 31, of Trout. The deputy also knew that Keene had an outstand- ing warrant and placed him immediately under arrest. Bradford was also placed under arrest for obstruction of justice for her attempt to hide the fugitive. In performing the routine inventory search of the vehi- cle prior to it being towed, officers discovered a large quantity of suspected illegal drugs and drug parapherna- lia. In Bradford's opened purse on the front seat, they found a suspected marijuana smoking pipe laying on top. They also found rolling pa- pers in the front seat, digital scales in the back seat, one used syringe with needle in the back seat, a folding mir- ror with white residue in the front door pocket, a black case in the front dash area with two Xanax pills, eight Sonoma 250 pills, two sy- ringes with needles, a bag of very small Ziploc type bags, two baggies of suspected methamphetamine, and a suspected crack pipe in the back seat. Along with the initial charge of obstruction of jus- tice, Bradford was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of CDS I, possession of CDS II, and possession of CDS III. Keene was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of CDS II, and possession of CDS III. Other Arrests Booked into the LaSalle Parish Jail January 7-13 were: Brandy McGee, 17, of Natchitoches, arrested January 7 by the Jena Police Department for theft and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of juveniles. Brianne A. Hudnall, 28, of Jena, arrested January 8 by the LaSalle Parish Sher- iff's Department for posses- sion of drug paraphernalia. Raymond K. Thomas, 37, of Jena, arrested January 9 In Louisiana... The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced changes to the upcoming filing season. As a result of the Alternative Minimum Tax Bill, which was signed into law Wednesday, December 26, 2007 by President Bush, many taxpayers will be eligi- ble to file on the usual schedule, but some will not. The IRS will process ALL returns beginning January 14, 2008 -- EXCEPT those that contain any of 5 forms that are related to AMT cal- culations. About 125 million federal taxpayers will be eli- gible to file on the usual schedule, while 13 million federal taxpayers who use any of the 5 affected forms will not be accepted for proc- essing until February 11, 2008. S The five affected forms are as follows: Form 8863, Education Credits Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits Schedule 2 (Form 1040A), Child and Depend- ent Care Expenses for Form 10"40A Filers Form 8396, Mortgage In- terest Credit Form 8859, District of Columbia First-Time Home- buyer Credit The Federal-State e-file system will open for all taxpaYers not filing any of those 5 forms as scheduled on January 11, 2008, and the IRS or Federal deadline for all taxpayers remains April 15, 2008 An automatic six-month extension has been granted by the IRS and remains available. "Although the delay will affect many of our taxpayers who use one of the five af- fected forms, the Department of Revenue will be ready to process all other Louisiana individual income tax re- turns as expeditiously as possible on January 30, 2008,', says Cynthia Bridges, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Revenue. The Louisiana Depart- ment of Revenue will begin accepting returns on Janu- ary 14, 2008, and will begin processing returns on Janu- ary 30, 2008. Taxpayers, other than military personnel in a combat zone, who need an extension of time to file a state return should use the Louisiana Department of Revenue Form R-6465, Ap- plication for Extension of Time to File Louisiana indi- vidual income Tax, Partner- ship, or the Fiduciary Re- turn. A copy of this form is included in the printed tax booklet and is also available from any regional office of by the Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole for probation violation. Katina N. Woodward, 35, of Urania, arrested January 9 by the Urania Police De- partment for obstruction of highway and disturbing the peace. James Keene, 57, of Tul- los, arrested January 11 by the LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Department for disturbing the peace by intoxication. Patrick K. Shipley, 18, of Olla, arrested January 12 by the Louisiana State Police for DWI 1 and modified exhaust. Anthony D. Richmond, 24, of Columbia, arrested January 12 by the Olla Po- lice Department for DWI 1. Roger G. Boyette, 291 of Georgetown, arrested Janu- ary 12 by the LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Department on four warrants from Grant Parish. Courtney Humphries, 32, of Tullos, arrested January 12 by the LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Department for driv- ing under suspension and running a stop sign. Charles M. Richards, 18, of Jena, arrested January 12 by the Jena Police Depart- ment on a warrant for un- derage possession of alcohol. Randi L. Smith, 18, of Oakdale, arrested January 13 by the Louisiana State Police for DWI 1 and careless operation. Scottie Book, 22, of Jonesville, arrested January 13 by the Jena Police De- partment for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. Carlo J. Clark, 29, of Olla, arrested January 13 by the Olla Police Department for second degree battery and domestic abuse battery. Chelsea E. Brown, 20, of Olla, arrested January 13 by the LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Department on a warrant from St. Mary Parish. the Department or can be downloaded from the De- partment's website at www.revenue.louisiana, gov. The state also accepts any extension granted by the in- ternal Revenue Service (IRS). The extension should be at- tached to the state return when it is filed. It should be noted that an extension only extends the time to file, not the time to pay any tax. Failure to pay the tax in full by the filing deadline will re- sult in the assessment of in- terest and a penalty. For additional informa- tion on income tax assis- tance, contact any of the re- gional offices or call 1-888- LA-HELP-U (I-888-524- 3578). The Louisiana Depart- ment of Revenue's mission is to administer the applicable tax laws of the state of Lou- isiana as well as regulations concerning alcohol, tobacco and charitable gaming. PUBLIC NOTICES IN NEWSPAPERS ... Because good government depends on it. Good Pine Middle School list honor roll Honor roll students at Good Pine Middle School for the third six weeks grading period of the 2007-08 ses- sion have been announced by Principal Janet TuUos, as follows: Fourth Grade All A's - Jessey Mason, MaKayla King, Kristen Poole, Baily Long, Kourtney Bacle, Kalee McGuffee, " Madison Walker, Bethany Russell, Kelsey Bradford, Jacob Pe- ters, and Ashton Clark. A's and. B's - Mia Co- laluca, Abby Boothe, ?dana Huett, Tyler Gray, Laura Pritchard, Sam Engies, Si- erra Smith, Jenna Franklin, Kelsey Suggs, Sabrina Mata, Gracie Creel, LeAndra Brown, Lauren Gregory, De- von Smith, Alyssa Rogers, Bradley Barrett, Jamie McPherson, Hallee Benton, Jordan Tan- nehill, Oonathon Doughty, Shilah Evans, Keri Jones, Anna Burgess, Abbi Smith, Braegan Burlew, Makala Spence, and Tami-Jo Ray. Fifth Grade A's - Julie Hopkins, Tori Russell, Cole Smith, Sa- vannah McGuffee, Sarah En- terkin, Emilee Howard, and Jalynn Pleasant. A's and B's - Abbey Bethard, Chelsey Ford, Nikld Kelley, Clark Thompson, Kara Carpenter, Kylie Jo Paul, Justin Ainsworth, Ash- ley Hayman, Katie Nether- land, Ryan Wall, Bryttanye Erwin, Josh darreau, Nicole Roberts, Allison Boyette, Katelyn Holloway, Lannah Kitterlin, Trace Webb, Weston Greene, Jazlyn Savage, Joshua Clay- ton, Deontae McGinnis, Kayla Robertson, Anthony Aguilar, Dazha Gibbs, Gavin Paul, Katie Williams, Kim Bumgarden, Zachery Joiner, Daniel Powell, Kylie An- drews, John Hulsey, Aalandra Thomas, Derry Gaspard, Er- ica Netherland, Shea Traxler, Nealy Carroll, Demetrious Howard, and Macey Roark. Sixth Grade All A's - Rachel Dickson, Macie Campbell, Mallorie McDowell, Richie Johnson, Drew Appleby, Lakerielle Kit- tlin, and Ashtin Allbritton. A's and B's - Merayea Ashley, Justin Jarreau, Ethan McCann, Dakota King, Josh Harville, Landon Thompson, Carmeisha How- ard, Brady Dearmon, Morgan Overstreet, Rebekah Ashley, Darian Thacker, Charlie Doughty, Bre'An Gulledge, Connie McLendon, Brian Enterkin, Ryan Kirk- ham, Valarie Humphries, Garrett Poole, Macy Greer, Jesse Hailey, and Ethan Welch. Honor roll students at LaSalle Junior High School for the third six weeks grading period of the 2007- 08 session have been announced by Principal Steve Long, as follows: Sixth Grade All A's- Jeffery Aycock, Morgan Barbo, Joshua Boyett, Jessica Dunn and Rebecca Lopez. A's and B's- Brittany Banes, Steven Blake, Brooke Coleman, Heidi Cormane, Milly Cox, Kaylin Decker, Cierra Evans, Cole Hendrix, Alexa Humphries, Ashton Humphries, Christen McCartney, Jacob Pitman and Madison Smith. Seventh Grade All A's- Katie Nugent and Tori Scott. A's and B's- Megan Bradford, Josh Crawford, Jerrica Johnson, Kaitlyn Knight, Meghan Knight, Alicia Lee, Steven McNaughton, Jacob Mills, Jessica Norwood, Ashley Perot, Kayla Pitman, Taylor Roshto, Jonna Souppa and Kyle Whitehead. Eighth Grade All A's-Jennifer Barnhill, Maela Farrar, Macy Mills and Danielle Veuleman. A's and B's- Courtney Bernos, Amber Blake, Chelsey Cotton, Jessica Glidewell, Kaitlin Hatten, Sheridon Lasiter, Ethan Prudhomme, Ashley Sanders, Drew Sciabarassi, Sara Simmons and~ Mariah Winegeart. 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